About the book...

Mother Earth creates an army of paranormal super-beings known as The Gemini. They will try everything to wipe out humanity- plagues, disasters, cancer.

Oliver Weldon, oil tycoon, is recruited by the Mother and becomes a lead Gemini. Renamed Onyx, his duty is to completely destroy the human race.

The Gemini, a powerful rising force, proceeds to systematically decimate towns, cities, states… and eventually, the world.

Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between a girl, Violette, and Onyx, begins. He will wrestle between his new found conscience and his duty to the Mother.

They find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy human kind.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beautiful creature, lay with me, into my arms until you can't see.

Falling apart, breaking down, slipping, slipping, into the ground. Over here, over there, around me, surround me, everywhere. Come to me in my dreams, my nightmares and in between my ripped seams. Shake me, love me, poison my tears. Snare me in your depths, burn me with your leers. Over the coals I will walk, through the night, we will talk. Soaring through the lullabies, the whispers of delight, the foolish lies. Beautiful creature, lay with me, into my arms until you can't see. The pleasure, the deceit, the pain I so fear, it's all around us. Safe. Right here. Under my skin you writhe and grow, stay here with me so you will know. Into the forest of light and curses, my trees are bare of leaves and verses. Disturb the dark, play into my hand, cover me, breathe me, so I can stand. I want your scars, your sins, your mistakes. I will eat them and caress them, cherish them and bury them. Forgiven, forgotten, consumed and lost.

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