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Mother Earth creates an army of paranormal super-beings known as The Gemini. They will try everything to wipe out humanity- plagues, disasters, cancer.

Oliver Weldon, oil tycoon, is recruited by the Mother and becomes a lead Gemini. Renamed Onyx, his duty is to completely destroy the human race.

The Gemini, a powerful rising force, proceeds to systematically decimate towns, cities, states… and eventually, the world.

Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between a girl, Violette, and Onyx, begins. He will wrestle between his new found conscience and his duty to the Mother.

They find themselves in the middle of a revolutionary war that will either save, or destroy human kind.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I broke up with my publisher. How much should a publisher contribute?

I have a young adult book series and book I is published with a small company in New York that provides me with no support other than editing, cover art and ebook formatting collaboration. All the marketing, advertising, travel costs, social media kits, review requests, blog tours, etc. is left up to me. I found that I had no time to write!

Book II is edited and was set to be published, but I broke up with them! I decided, after sending at least 75 query letters, that I wanted to venture out into the agent searching swamp. I found two that are interested and I have submitted Book I and II for consideration of the entire series. I often worry that I made a mistake though. Below is my personal list of pros and cons between being with a small publishing company and a big publishing house. Although some of the pros of the big publishing house will be knowledge from other authors who I have spoken with, and maybe some daydreams of my own, I hope it will still help anyone else in my situation!

Small Publishing- 
1 point of contact for everything
Personal attention
More of a say with editing and art
Quicker publishing process                                
Book covers are stressful! I want an artist to make it!
Publishing houses can take 1 yr.-18 mo. to publish
Sometimes slow to act on requests & questions
Not enough freedom w/ price changing &Amazon access

Publishing House- 
Guaranteed salary
Publish exposure
Written press releases
Social marketing support
Artists to do cover and character
Wont' have to use my own money for travel
Editor to work closely with
Won't have to call stores myself!
Wont' have to call and set up my own signings
Help with placement in
Someone to set up events and send me places
Paid travel

Pressure of the contract - 1 book every 6 months to a year
Not a lot of say in travel and events 3
I won't have as much control over posts/ads etc.
Won't have as much say in art & graphics      



  1. Good luck with your search, dear. I hope you make out well. One thing that is needed for both working with a small publisher and waiting for a big publisher is a lot of patience. I have a lot of faith in my publishing house, but there again I don't need the income that a quick book publishing turnaround might bring. Maybe the big houses move faster--but you really have to wow them to get their attention.

    1. Hi K.R.! Who is your publisher? Just curious. Thanks so much for the kind words!

  2. Umm... where did this 'guaranteed salary' idea come from? Plus, if you think they invest the big bucks in a new name as opposed to an already established one, you're wrong. They are in business to make money, not their authors happy. Naturally, their resources would gravitate toward a sure winner (already tried and tested). I wish you well, but the sad truth is, the only way to win this race is through your own efforts. No one else will work for your benefit, unless you pay for that privilege.

    PS - I haven't forgotten your review. It's gonna happen.

    Stay strong.
    Ella :)

    1. Hi Ella! Thanks for your honesty. Sometimes I need a reality check and since I've never worked with a big house I just don't know a lot of this stuff. I look forward to your honest review as well!

  3. I actually think this is a good step for you. I personally do not support small publishing companies just based on the quality of books I've been asked to review. That and some of the authors connected with small publishers have given them a bad name. Going into a big publishing house and getting an agent is best I think. Ella said that no one else will work for your benefit, but unless you are willing to have others help you you wont get far. The stress of the big publishing house/literary agent might seem like too much of a sacrifice but a big sacrifice is always worth the risk. Just remember that. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the sound wisdom. I asked for help and I got it! You are all awesome ladies!!!